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Strategic management accounting

Timings: 09.30-16.10 (UK time)

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Learn how to master advanced techniques for smarter business decisions.

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Course Type

Live online course


18 Jul 2024, 09.30


1 day

What you’ll achieve

Attendees will achieve:

  • a comprehensive review of traditional management accounting techniques
  • gain an understanding of modern techniques for costing, budgeting, and control
  • have their questions addressed during the live session.

About this course

This course covers traditional and advanced management accounting methods, focusing on costing, budgeting, and control. Learn techniques beyond the AAT qualification to support strategic decision-making, long-term business goals, and KPIs, with practical applications in real-world scenarios.


Who it's for

This event is designed for those looking to build on skills from the AAT qualification.

Meet the Speaker(s)

Andy Booth

Andy Booth

Andy Booth

Andy qualified as a chartered accountant with PricewaterhouseCoopers in 2000 and joined BPP in the same year where he became a Director and the overall head of Case Study courseware. He set up iCount Training in 2010 and in 2021 successfully managed the merger of iCount into FirstIntuition.

Andy is currently the Managing Director of First Intuition in Manchester, but he continues to publish Case Study material whilst also teaching a range of papers, across all the accountancy qualifications, to hundreds of students worldwide.

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Live online course

1 day

Strategic financial management


Session 1: traditional management accounting review 

In this session, delegates will engage in practical exercises covering key aspects of management accounting, including costing, budgeting and control.

Session 2: strategic management accounting for costing

Delve into advanced costing techniques beyond the AAT qualification. Gain insights through practical examples and explore the merits, drawbacks, and challenges of applying these techniques in diverse business scenarios.

Session 3: strategic management accounting for budgeting

Explore advanced budgeting techniques outside the scope of the AAT qualification. Engage with worked examples to deepen your understanding and discuss the practicalities, benefits, and challenges of implementing these techniques across various business contexts.

Session 4: strategic management accounting for control

Discover advanced control techniques that extend beyond the AAT qualification. Participate in hands-on exercises to grasp the concepts and engage in discussions about the advantages, limitations, and application challenges in different business scenarios.

How to access

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Strategic management accounting
Live online course

Strategic management accounting

1 day

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