Payroll update (February 2024)


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Empower your payroll skills by staying ahead of the curve and ensuring your payroll processes are up to date and compliant.

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About this course

This training session will provide an opportunity to gain valuable insights into the latest Payroll regulations and guide you through the essential updates, ensuring you have the information you need to confidently advise clients or manage internal payroll processes. As well as to maintain compliance in the ever-changing landscape of payroll management, like the recent changes introduced in January 2024, where the Government introduced new regulations to update the way that holiday pay and leave entitlement is calculated for part-year and irregular hours (casual) workers. These changes mean that for the first time payroll professionals will have a statutory framework confirming how the pay calculations for these workers should be operated in practice.

Type Video on demand
Duration 1 - 3 hours

This session will cover:

  • the new regulations to update the way that holiday pay and leave entitlement is calculated for part-year and irregular-hours (casual) workers
  • the latest legislative regulations and their impact on payroll calculations
  • changes in NIC rates and compliance requirements
  • statutory payments – stay informed about updates related to sick pay, maternity pay and other statutory benefits
  • compliance best practices – expert strategies to maintain accuracy and compliance in your payroll process.
What you'll achieve

This training session is designed to arm accountants with the knowledge and tools required to navigate the complexities of payroll legislation confidently.

Who it's for

This masterclass is ideal for finance professionals who work in payroll and are looking to keep up with the latest legislation and to ensure they remain compliant.  

How to access

Once purchased you'll be able to access the AAT Learning Portal where you'll have 12 months from the date to access the learning materials. AAT Learning Portal allows you to view all the courses you've purchased in one place, monitor your latest training activity and create goals to help you achieve your training aims.

Topic Financial Management

Meet the speaker: Jennie Gillam

Jennie, a qualified accountant, is a successful entrepreneur, having quadrupled turnover at her company, Red Fish Accountancy, in less than five years, creating jobs for nine people. She has been involved in several high profile technology startup companies in their early days, providing financial support and advice. Jennie still works with many of these companies and their founders.

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