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Charity accounting: legislation and trustees' report

Timings: 09.30-13.00 (UK time)

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Navigate charity finance: understand legislation and improve reporting.

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Course Type

Live online course


03 Sep 2024, 09.30


3 - 5 hours

What you’ll achieve

Attendees will leave the course with a comprehensive understanding of:

  • the legislative demands and types of external audits applicable to charities of varying sizes
  • the requirements and strategic approaches to crafting a SORP-compliant Trustees’ Report
  • how to effectively navigate and address common reporting challenges.

About this course

Join us for the first in a two-part series of introductory courses tailored to demystify the essentials of accounting and financial reporting for UK charities.

This course provides delegates with the tools to navigate the often complex legislative requirements for charity financial reporting.

Gain a robust understanding of the legislative framework governing financial reports in the non-profit sector and learn how to prepare comprehensive Trustees’ Reports in compliance with the Charity Statement of Recommended Practice (SORP).

The Trustees’ Report is crucial as it narrates the charity’s performance over the year and adds significant value for stakeholders. This session will provide detailed guidance on how charities of varying sizes and structures can effectively utilize the Trustees’ Report to enhance transparency and stakeholder engagement. By participating, attendees will tackle common challenges and acquire actionable insights to elevate their charity's financial reporting practices.

Find out more about part two here: Charities accounting: fund accounting, statement of financial activities and balance sheet

Who it's for

This course is ideal for:

  • individuals involved in the finance functions of charities, whether as paid staff or volunteers
  • advisers and consultants serving charity clients
  • newcomers to the charity sector seeking foundational knowledge
  • seasoned professionals in need of a refresher on the latest practices and regulations.

Meet the Speaker(s)

James Charlton

James Charlton

James Charlton

James is an experienced trainer, file reviewer and consultant.   He has delivered courses on behalf of various professional accountancy bodies in the UK, as well as providing in-house training for accounting and audit firms.   His specialisms are financial reporting (both UK GAAP and IFRS), audit and he has a particular interest in the charity sector.   In addition to training, James undertakes both cold and hot file reviews for audit practices, ranging from single partner to UK Top 50 firms.

James previously worked as an Audit Technical Manager at a UK top 10 firm, providing financial reporting and audit technical advice to the audit and accountancy departments, writing and reviewing technical materials for the practice, and performing engagement quality control reviews on audit files. 

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Live online course

3 - 5 hours

Charity Accounting


Session 1: understanding the legislative framework

Dive into the legislative underpinnings of charity financial reporting. Learn about different types of charities, the relevance of size thresholds, and the levels of external scrutiny required.

Session 2: Trustees’ Report under the Charity SORP

Get a clear outline of the requirements set by the Charity SORP for the Trustees’ Report. We’ll also discuss typical challenging areas such as reserves policies and the nuances of fundraising reporting.

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Charity accounting: legislation and trustees' report
Live online course

Charity accounting: legislation and trustees' report

3 - 5 hours

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