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Financial reporting (March 2024)

AAT Masterclass

Stay ahead of the latest changes in financial reporting, including navigating changes in UK and Ireland GAAP.


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1 day

What you’ll achieve

In the fast-paced world of accounting, this masterclass will give you essential insights into the latest changes from the FRC. Attending this session, you’ll:

  • be able to produce accurate and compliant financial statements
  • be aware of the latest regulations and industry best practices
  • ensure accurate and compliant financial reporting
  • understand accounting standards crucial for maintaining compliance, increasing accuracy, and reducing the risk of errors.

UK and Ireland GAAP are about to experience some changes due to the FRC’s periodic review of accounting standards, which will be significant in key areas such as lease accounting and revenue recognition. In addition, it's expected that small entities preparing accounts under the presentation and disclosure requirements of FRS 102, Section 1A will need to make additional disclosure requirements.

Almost all entities that prepare financial statements under FRS 102 and FRS 105 will be affected by these major changes. There will also be changes to the filing requirements at Companies House, which will need to be communicated to clients so that they're up to date with legislative developments in addition to the changes to accounting standards.

All AAT Licensed Accountants and members dealing with the preparation of financial statements under UK and Ireland GAAP will need to be aware of the changes that are about to be made to be able to advise clients and company directors as to the effect these changes will have.

With numerous changes currently being proposed by the Financial Reporting Council (FRC), there’s no better time to ensure you’re completely up to date on accounting standards.

Who it's for

This course is ideal for professionals working in practice, producing financial statements for clients, or working within finance teams responsible for internal financial reporting.


Video on demand

1 day

Accountant's update programme (UK business)


This session will cover:

  • updates on all entities that prepare financial statements under FRS 102 and FRS 105 will be affected by these major changes
  • updates on dealing with lease accounting under FRS 102 following the periodic review amendments
  • other notable changes arising from the FRC’s periodic review
  • overage of some of the more technically challenging areas, including:
    • dilapidation provisions
    • bank loans and loan arrangement fees
    • accounting for tax
    • Directors’ transactions
    • judgements and estimates
    • disclosure note problems
    • employee ownership trusts
    • recent court cases concerning tax/accounting treatments
    • understanding the small company thresholds properly
  • Economic Crime and Corporate Transparency Act and its impact on accountants.

How to access

Once purchased you'll be able to access the AAT Learning Portal where you'll have 12 months from the date to access the learning materials. AAT Learning Portal allows you to view all the courses you've purchased in one place, monitor your latest training activity and create goals to help you achieve your training aims.

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Financial reporting (March 2024)
Video on demand

Financial reporting (March 2024)

1 day