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What to avoid when communicating with HMRC

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Gain comprehensive knowledge on effectively handling interactions with HMRC through this exclusive course.


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3 - 5 hours

What you’ll achieve

After watching this session, you'll:

Gain in-depth knowledge on effectively responding to unexpected letters or emails from HMRC, enabling you to provide strategic and informed responses.

Understand the legal implications and best practices when responding to "one to many" or "nudge letters", ensuring compliance with the law.

Develop proficiency in answering information requests and providing documentation under Sch 36 FA 2008, empowering you to navigate the process confidently.

Enhance your skills in conducting meetings with HMRC and your clients, including the ability to establish and agree on essential "ground rules" in advance, leading to more productive and successful meetings.

Industry-renowned tax dispute resolution and investigation expert Paul Malin will guide this masterclass.

He will be delving into the complexities of handling interactions with HMRC and provide you with the tools you need to address the intricacies involved in tax matters.

Join us as we leverage Paul's extensive experience and expertise to gain a comprehensive understanding of tax dispute resolution and investigation, empowering you to navigate these challenges with confidence and success.

Who it's for

This masterclass is designed for finance professionals in the UK who are looking to enhance their knowledge and skills in effectively handling interactions with HMRC. Whether you are a seasoned professional or just starting out in your career, this masterclass will equip you with the necessary expertise to navigate complex scenarios, ensure compliance, and achieve optimal outcomes when dealing with HMRC.

Meet the Speaker(s)

Paul Malin

Paul Malin

Paul Malin

I can help resolve any tax dispute or investigation. Whether you are the taxpayer or an advisor with a client that has a tax dispute or investigation, I am here to help.

Tax investigations and disputes can be complex and often need a specialist advisor to resolve the problem, negotiate with HMRC and guide people through what can be a minefield. My role is to guide people through this minefield, put matters into perspective and answer any questions you have and allay your concerns.

To date I have helped many taxpayers resolve their UK tax problems.

I can help a taxpayer who is an individual, partner, company, settlor or beneficiary of trusts. The taxes involved can be either direct taxes (such as income tax, corporation tax etc.) and/or indirect taxes (VAT, import duties etc.).

Often the tax problem is “odd”. Odd as in involving 1, 3 or perhaps 5 different taxpayers or tax years. Odd as in peculiar, weird or how on earth…

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Video on demand

3 - 5 hours

HMRC enquiries and investigations


During this course, we will delve into:

Mastering the art of responding to unexpected letters or emails from HMRC. Gain an understanding of the triggers behind these correspondences and explore HMRC's existing knowledge.

Responding confidently to "one to many" or "nudge letters" while ensuring compliance with the law.

Best practices for answering information requests or providing documentation as per Sch 36 FA 2008. Gain insight into the process leading to these requests and understand HMRC's authority in requesting specific information.

Enhancing your skills in conducting meetings with HMRC and your clients. Discover effective strategies to establish and agree on essential "ground rules" in advance.

Gaining insights into making effective disclosures to HMRC. Understand the key players involved and learn the appropriate timing for making disclosures.

Developing expertise in writing comprehensive disclosure reports. Understand the crucial elements and depth required for each element.

Bringing investigations to a conclusive end. Differentiate between a settlement agreement and a closure notice and grasp their pivotal roles in achieving finality.

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What to avoid when communicating with HMRC
Video on demand

What to avoid when communicating with HMRC

3 - 5 hours