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Arm yourself with vital knowledge and the confidence you need to handle VAT challenges.

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About this course

Want to elevate your VAT expertise? Watch our intensive VAT masterclass designed specifically for finance professionals looking to stay up to date with ever changing and evolving VAT regulations.

You’ll gain crucial knowledge needed to tackle VAT challenges, all whilst benefiting from hands-on insights and real-life case analyses.

This is the ideal session for you, if you are looking to: enhance your skills, optimise your VAT services, and ensure you’re fully compliant with regulations.

Type Video on demand
Duration 1 day

Key topics we delve into:

  • the three main methods of VAT import and best practices
  • practical analysis of real-life VAT cases for improved understanding
  • the impact of double import duty and its implications
  • navigating VAT procedures when trading with EU member states
  • what to expect during HMRC VAT visits and how annual accounts play a role in HMRC checks
  • guidance on protecting clients from penalties and common error areas
  • updates on online services such as VAT registration, VAT deregistration, and pre-credibility queries.


Protecting your import input and other international trading stories

In this session you’ll learn about the vital VAT methods for imports, pinpointing the optimal choice for businesses. We use real-world case studies to demonstrate how you can help your clients navigate these challenges. Key topics include the dangers of double import duty and the unique trading dynamics with EU Member States.

VAT visits – what should we expect

This session focuses on equipping you with the tools to support clients in avoiding common pitfalls and penalties. You’ll also gain a deep understanding of how annual accounts factor into HMRC checks, with practical error-spotting examples. We also demystify some of the most perplexing questions posed by HMRC.

VAT miscellany

During this session we stepped into the world of VAT processes, from registration and deregistration to timely payments and pre-credibility checks. We dissect the repercussions of late VAT returns and the nuances of payment processes. To keep you ahead, we also touch upon recent case laws and elucidate the VAT approach to recharges.

What you'll achieve

After watching this enlightening session, you will:

  • gain a comprehensive understanding of VAT principles, regulations & compliance requirements
  • develop a practical approach to real-life VAT scenarios
  • be equipped to provide informed VAT services to clients.
Who it's for

This deep dive is ideal for accounting professionals providing VAT services to clients, along with finance professionals dealing with VAT matters in their roles. If you’re committed to broadening your knowledge and increasing services offered, this masterclass is custom-made for you.

How to access

Once purchased you'll be able to access the AAT Learning Portal where you'll have 12 months from the date to access the learning materials. AAT Learning Portal allows you to view all the courses you've purchased in one place, monitor your latest training activity and create goals to help you achieve your training aims.

Topic VAT

Meet the speaker: Simone Hurst

Expert speaker Simone Hurst first ventured into all things VAT back in 1991 as a VAT Inspector in HM Customs and Excise and was one of the youngest ever direct entrant Officers in the UK.  Simone thrives on the intricacies of VAT and its surrealness at times and she strives to put this into plain English, practical advice. 

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