Introduction to group accounting


Date: Tuesday 16 April 2024

Timing: 09.30–12.30 (UK time)

AAT Masterclass

Developing a strong grasp of fundamental consolidation principles is crucial for professionals in group finance roles or engaged in auditing. This masterclass offers the chance to expand beyond the basics and delve into the complex aspects of group accounting.

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About this course

Explore the fundamental principles and practical applications of group accounting with specialist Clare Jones.

This comprehensive masterclass will equip you with the essential skills to navigate consolidation processes, address complex challenges related to subsidiaries and changes in holdings, and understand the differences between IFRS and UK GAAP. Whether you are a finance specialist operating within a group finance function or managing local accounts for consolidation, this course offers valuable insights to enhance your expertise and tackle intricate accounting issues effectively.

Type Live online course
Duration 3 - 5 hours

Embark on a journey through the fundamentals of group accounting with the following key topics:

Consolidation Process:

  • reviewing the basic step-by-step approach to consolidation
  • exploring the calculation of Goodwill and its significance.

Subsidiary Challenges:

  • identifying common challenges with subsidiaries, including changes in holdings
  • engaging in practical applications to reinforce learning.

Accounting Standards:

  • understanding the primary differences between IFRS and UK GAAP
  • analysing the accounting implications of these variations.
What you'll achieve

This masterclass will equip you with an in-depth comprehension of the intricate aspects of group accounting.

Who it's for This course is ideal for finance professionals engaged in group accounting functions and tasked with managing complex consolidation issues in local accounts. This will allow you to take away the necessary skills to support and advise growing clients effectively in group accounting.
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Meet the speaker: Clare Jones

Clare Jones, FCCA

Expert financial reporting and audit trainer

Clare is an experienced accountancy trainer, specialising in IFRS, FRS 102, financial reporting and auditing. Clare has been designing and delivering engaging high quality technical training to local and international audiences for over 20 years. Clare has delivered numerous courses around the world including Australia, Bermuda, Nigeria, Europe and the US. Her excellent communication and presentation skills maximise learning retention on courses.

Clare qualified with a top 10 accounting practice and she previously led the learning and development department for Baker Tilly International. Clare now specialises in delivering bespoke courses, incorporating both technical and personal development skills, to a variety of clients and supports businesses embrace their talent through successful training of their people.

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