Budgeting and forecasting (November 2023)


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Get a practical refresher of budgeting and forecasting.

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About this course

Do you want to refresh your knowledge of budgeting and forecasting in a practical, real-world context? In that case, this practical session will address those needs in just half a day.

Along with revisiting the basics, we help you consider the behavioural challenges of this core skill and allow you to apply the knowledge to some practical examples.

Type Video on demand
Duration 1 - 3 hours
  • Refresh your knowledge of the fundamentals of budgeting and forecasting
  • Consider the behavioural challenges of creating and managing budgets 
  • Apply the knowledge using practical examples
What you'll achieve

Refreshed and updated knowledge of the practicalities of budgeting and forecasting and a broader understanding of the behavioural challenges of managing budgets.

Who it's for

This on demand masterclass is essential core skill training for any professional working with budgets, whether in a finance or non-finance role.

How to access

Once purchased you'll be able to access the AAT Learning Portal where you'll have 12 months from the date to access the learning materials. AAT Learning Portal allows you to view all the courses you've purchased in one place, monitor your latest training activity and create goals to help you achieve your training aims.

Topic Budgeting

Meet the speaker: Chris Howley

I qualified as Chartered Accountant with one of the large firms of accountants before moving into training.

I now specialise in teaching and training finance at all levels though I particularly enjoy helping non-financially orientated managers to make sense of the murky world of accountancy.

I work with a broad range of clients including civil servants, local authorities and other public sector bodies as well as commercial organisations.


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